Ben Buchwalter

America Getting Bluer?
October 17, 2008, 5:14 pm
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The other day I posted about Christopher Buckley’s departure from the Conservative National Review. Today in the Washington Post, Kathleen Parker praises Buckley for his courage in the face of rabid conservatism. Parker’s tone betrays a deep depression about the state of the Republican Party and modern conservatives. 

Why are they so intolerant of critiques from the right?

The answer becomes clear in two articles today in National Journal Magazine and Bloomberg Online. The Reagan era may be coming to an end and conservatives are terrified. The fact is, though, that the Reagan era was already forsaken when Bush conservatives embraced the expensive Iraq War and focused on social issues such as abortion and gay rights rather than limiting the size of government. The Reagan era is already a thing of the past. And conservatives (well, everyone) are anxious to leave the Bush era in the dust as well.

And that leaves only one option: we are likely about to experience a Democratic era. After November 4, Democrats will certainly control the House and Senate by large margins, and would even complete the trifecta if Obama gets elected President. Politico reports that, especially in the wake of this year’s economic meltdown, the Democrats could usher in the largest set of government programs since the New Deal’s Home Ownership Loan Corp. and Reconstruction Finance Corp. were disbanded if they obtain a large congressional advantage and the White House.

Whether or not this happens, though, it’s nice to hear Democrats talking like Democrats again and advocating for the government’s ability to mediate economic and social issues responsibly.

The question is whether conservatives will be able to bounce back and tap into the Reagan era or steer the country towards a new conservatism untainted by Bush’s legacy.


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