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Bush Off the Hook
October 22, 2008, 12:41 pm
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If Barack Obama pulls it out and wins on November 4, most people will say that it was inevitable that a Democrat would win after eight years of the least popular President of all time (a Republican). Let’s shift that blame to John McCain as much as possible. This week, TPM highlighted a ABC/WSJ poll which showed Obama increasing his lead in most states and among most demographics. emphasized that the poll’s main finding is that Governor Sarah Palin is now the biggest concern for people who have shifted from McCain to Obama or Undecided. 55% say that she is not qualified to be President and 47% view her negatively, compared to 38% who view her positively.

So let’s let Bush off the hook and acknowledge that John McCain shot himself in the foot by choosing Sarah Palin, who has likely ruined his chances to become President.


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Great. So you’re saying you love Bush.

Comment by lisabu

McCain did not only choose that hockey mom moose lady killer(who can throw down some serious dough at saks fifth avenue – so main street of her), but also has run one of the most dispicable campaigns in modern history.

Comment by sarah buchalo

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