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Are the Phillies Obama?
October 27, 2008, 3:27 pm
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Last night, while watching the Philadelphia Phillies crush the Rays 10-2, I started thinking, why are the commentators still bashing the Phillies? Every time someone got on base, the commentators would say, “well they have left lots of men on in the past three games” or “let’s see if they can bring him home tonight.” Meanwhile, each hit by the Rays was lauded as one of baseball’s greatest stories.

It’s really a lot like the political climate right now. The Phillies were up by eight and Barack is up by eight points in most national polls. Still, a subsection of the press (the part that is not talking about GOP finger pointing) is talking about how the race is tightening in the last week. I know we are all expecting it to get a little closer but… where are the facts? Has it gotten any closer? On Open Left, Chris Bowers wrote a hilarious post about the tightening race:

As you can see, the campaign is getting much tighter. Obama’s lead is
growing slowly over the past eleven days, which means that the campaign is getting tighter. Don’t think about that sentence, just accept it. An increasing Obama lead means the campaign is getting tighter.


It is true. McCain’s staff has renewed determination. And Obama’s lead is growing, which means the campaign is getting tighter.

Tighter. Tighter, damnit. Tighter, tighter, tighter. TIGHTER!! Tighter infinity. Tighter infinity plus one. Tighter infinity plus infinity. Tighter infinity to the infinity power. And more determined staff, too.

So tonight the commentators will keep talking about how the Phillies are cursed and will likely not win and have rude fans. In the same vein, Obama is ahead, but are his followers loyal? Or will they get into the voting booth and all of a sudden decide that they want eight more years of stalwart xenophobia and irresponsible government instead of change wrapped up in a black man? There is too much need to coddle the team or candidate who is behind. Why can’t we just let the Rays and McCain loose instead of displaying all the scenarios in which they can pull out a win?

Just wondering.


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