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What Now?
November 5, 2008, 2:17 pm
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There’s a great scene in the Robert Redford movie “The Candidate” when, after Redford’s character wins a Senate seat in a huge come-from-behind upset, he looks at his campaign manager, bewildered, and asks “Marvin, what do we do now?”

Well I’d guess that Barack is going to take a day or two off, bury his grandmother, and get started right away. He has already named Illinois congressman Rahm Emanuel his White House Chief of Staff. And in the next few days, we will see him naming more senior positions both on his staff and in his cabinet. I’ll try to stay on top of that and update here frequently about his major choices.

I want to point out for a second that the Democratic Senate hopes did not pan out as well as expected. It looks like they lost in Alaska, Minnesota, and probably Oregon as well. Still, they will control the Senate with at least 56 seats.

There are five major questions for the next few days and months.

1.) What will happen in North Carolina and Missouri? It looks like Barack will take NC and McCain will take MO, but keep an eye on it.
2.) Who will win the final Senate seats? The toss-ups, according to NYT, are Georgia, Oregon, and Alaska. The GOP candidate is leading in each of those elections.
3.) Who will President-elect Obama name for his cabinet and senior staff? Which posts will be filled by Republicans?
4.) Who will fill Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s seats in the US Senate? Jesse Jackson Jr. (congressman from Illinois) has been rumored for Obama’s seat, and Beau Biden (Joe’s son and Delaware Attorney General) has been suggested for Biden’s.
5.) Even though Stevens is probably going to keep his seat in Alaska, he will probably step down. That will allow the Governor of Alaska (Palin) to name his replacement until the 2010 midterm election. Who will she choose? My boss just predicted that she will step down and the Lt. Governor will appoint her. Senator Palin?

I’ll update later with some more stuff, and the winner for the electoral map contest when we see what happens in North Carolina and Missouri.

As for this blog, I’ll keep writing about politics here in the US and internationally. Barack Obama’s first order as President was to fund Projectile Politics. So I have hired four new reporters and we are opening offices in London, Hong Kong, Paris, and Accra. I am also accepting applications for the fall internship.


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