Ben Buchwalter

Guantanamo Approach Indicates Out-of-the-Box Mentality
November 10, 2008, 5:56 pm
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The AP reports today that Barack Obama and other Democrats are seriously considering closing down Guantanamo Bay and looking for creative methods of prosecuting terrorists. Very simply put, they are considering using a “hybrid approach” which would combine some of the aspects of military courts with more of the liberties associated with civilian courts. Republicans oppose this approach because it would bring terrorist suspects to US soil, and Democrats are weary about it because these suspects would not receive all the rights guaranteed for American citizens. For that reason, the plan is constitutionally unstable and, if implemented, would probably require the Supreme Court’s attention.

But the fact that the option is on the table says a lot about the future Obama administration. They are willing to look outside the box and consider new methods to overcome some of our country’s major failings. Finding a way to hold terrorists accountable without using torture would be a major improvement upon current foreign policy. It is both the morally and politically correct solution to the disgraced facility on Guantanamo Bay. And we will likely see more creative solutions to issues like the economic crisis, alternative energy, and social programs.


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