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Go Big or Go Home
November 12, 2008, 7:27 pm
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The New Republic has written an editorial that criticizes those Democrats who urge moderation in the early days of this Democratic mandate. Instead of acting on the promises Obama made in the campaign, the editors write, some Democrats are urging the administration to “replicate the fiscal strategy of the early Clinton era, when the administration scaled back its more ambitious spending plans and focused instead on deficit reduction, a choice that laid the groundwork for the boom of the late 1990s.”

Clearly, the fiscal strategy of the Clinton era is not a bad model to replicate. Especially in the midst of this economic crisis, we need a President who has such economic foresight. But these goals should not replace the agenda laid forth during Obama’s campaign. Voters elected a President who promised to reform health care, reinstitute a graduated tax system, and drastically alter our foreign policy stance in two wars. That is exactly what they should get.

Obama’s goals are certainly risky. If they fail, then the Democrats will undoubtedly lose seats in the 2010 midterm elections and potentially even lose the White House in 2012. But what is the purpose of having power if you are not going to do anything? If you govern as a wimp, effectively doing nothing, then you are going to lose your seat anyway. The Democratic Congress of the past two years is generally considered one of the most gutless majorities ever to control Washington. It appears as if Democrats won more seats than they expected to in 2006 and have governed on an agenda of keeping those seats rather than getting anything done for the past two years.

The Dems can’t keep doing this if they want to maintain control of the White House and Congress. Right now they have a chance to make an enormous impact and change the country for good. If they do anything less than that, then they are going to be voted out in large numbers in 2010 and 2012 because Americans are looking for a permanent solution to our deterioration, not a band aid, run-out-the-clock approach to Bush’s failed policies of the past eight years.


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Good point Ben. These times require big moves, ones which might initially alienate The Others.

Comment by lisabu

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