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November 19, 2008, 4:36 pm
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Some items I have not weighed in on.


The Dems had to keep him in the caucus. Cutting him out would have sent a terrible message that breaking party lines is unacceptable. On the other hand, Sarah was saying last week that the problem with Lieberman was not that he supported McCain, but the way in which he did it. He said some pretty awful things about Obama’s “Marxist” views and ties to objectionable people. But either way, I’m glad they kept him in the caucus because I just don’t care about him too much. Let him keep the chairmanships that he has earned. But don’t let the man get any more powerful. He’s just not worth that much thought.

Clinton as Secretary of State

The idea of this has grown on me a lot. I still think that Bill Richardson would do an incredible job, but Clinton really could be well suited for the role. As First Lady, she has already visited many international countries and met with world leaders. This would give her a familiarity that could be valuable on the world stage.

Still, I don’t understand why she would want the job. As I wrote before, she would be giving up a Senate seat for life for what is most likely a 4 year job. It’s not likely that she is trying to beef up her foreign policy credentials to challenge Barack in 2012, and she would probably be too old to run in 2016. For those reasons, it seems like Hillary as Secretary of State is a better option for the U.S. than it is for her and anyway, she seems to have her own reservations.

Is anyone else wondering when Barack is going to appoint a woman to something?

I initially thought he’d appoint Janet Napolitano Attorney General, but it looks like that position is going to Eric Holder.


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Last time I looked Hilary was a woman.

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