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Happy Thanksgiving!
November 27, 2008, 3:11 pm
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Sorry for the previous downer of a post. Really, I love Thanksgiving. Like many things American, its got a shady past, but thats what is so encouraging about all things American. We’ve still got a long way to go to live up to the potential for American greatness. And I sincerely hope that we will reach such greatness during my lifetime.

ThinkProgress has a pretty good list of things they are thankful for. Some of those are provided below.

We’re thankful we’ll soon have a president who will hit the ground running instead of a president who is running the country into the ground.

We’re thankful Sarah Palin has more time to watch over Russia and warn us in case Vladimir Putin ever “rears his head.”

We’re thankful that we’re moving closer towards a complete withdrawal from Iraq.

We’re thankful for the thousands of protesters who took to the streets across America to push for marriage equality.

We’re not thankful for neo-McCarthys, neo-Hoovers, neo-Nazis, and neocons.

We’re thankful for Tina Fey.

We’re thankful to be liberal hacks.

We’re thankful that our troops will be able to get the education they so richly deserve.

We’re thankful that reality still has a liberal bias.


We’re thankful that there are only 54 days left until the end of the George W. Bush presidency.

We’re thankful for the progressive mandate to govern.


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