Ben Buchwalter

Philadelphia Governor’s Meeting “Very Productive”
December 2, 2008, 10:06 pm
Filed under: General Politics

President-elect Obama met with 48 members of the National Governors Association today to talk about the economic stimulus plan that President Obama hopes to sign into effect when he is inaugurated on January 20, 2009. 

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell said “this is the best of all the financial recovery plans [because] all of the previous bailouts don’t do one thing to create one new job.”

Obama was also careful to strike a bi-partisan tone: “There is a time for campaigning, and there is a time for governing,” he said. “And one of the messages that Joe and I want to continually send is that we are not going to be hampered by ideology in trying to get this country back on track.”

Since 41 States are experiencing budget shortfalls for next year, their involvement in the stimulus plan was essential. But Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter worried that Obama would forget the importance of cities. “We’re at the ground level. We fill potholes, we pick up trash….It is literally where the rubber meets the road. We just want to make sure there is federal support for us as well.” Nutter, who is slashing next year’s budget because of an unexpected deficit, recently wrote to Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson asking for Federal support.


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