Ben Buchwalter

Oh Well
December 3, 2008, 2:58 am
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Incumbent Saxby Chambliss has won the Senate runoff in Georgia. It’s now clear that the Democrats are not going to attain that 60 seat majority necessary to stop a Republican filibuster. But really, that was unlikely to happen anyway. On November 5, Saxby Chambliss got about 49.8% of the vote, when 50% was needed to prevent a runoff . And Chambliss’ opponent, Jim Martin, had a lot going against him. First of all, he lost the election. Second, Obama’s win and the large Democratic gains in the House and Senate must have prompted conservatives and independents to flock to Chambliss to check the Democrat’s power.

All eyes now turn to the Minnesota recount between Al Franken and incumbent Norm Coleman. Recent numbers show Franken down by fewer than 50 votes, and that number keeps decreasing. I don’t know when they will finally call this recount, but the longer it goes, the better it looks for the Democrats and the chances of attaining a 59 seat majority.


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