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Welcome to Three Steps Forward
January 9, 2009, 2:08 pm
Filed under: General Politics, Random

Hello again! Welcome to Three Steps Forward, a newly organized political commentary blog. As you can see, it looks different from version 1.0 and there are some new features. I just want to explain them quickly.

Each post has a category or numerous categories. There is a column on the right side of the screen that lists those categories. So if you want to see everything that I have written about Ghana, for example, you can click on “foreign affairs” and they will be easier to find. For even more specific searches, you can use the tag cloud below or the search box above.

That’s the main substantive change. But as you can see, there is a list of recent comments further down on the right hand column. I really hope that you will all comment if you have something to add. And feel free to tell me if I’m being shortsighted, unfair, or just plain stupid.

Since the blog has been down, a lot has happened! So I just wanted to fire out some stuff that I have been most interested in.

  • Here is the schedule for the nomination hearings of Obama’s Cabinet Picks. TPM handicapped those hearings, basically showing that there would be few controversies. The Daschle hearing for Secretary of Health and Human Services seemed to go smoothly. Highlight: “wellness has to be cool.”
  • MSNBC host of “Hardball” Chris Matthews will not run for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania in 2010. Who are the remaining likely contenders?
  • I’m still very tired of Blagojavich. But the Burris situation is pretty interesting. It looks like the Senate will end up sitting him, even though Democrats initially vowed to refuse any Blagojavich appointment. But Burris seems like a good guy, and its time to move on and focus on things that actually matter. Fortunately, though, it looks like the Blago impeachment is moving along
  • Unemployment is up again. Yikes.
  • I’ll write more on Gaza soon, but see below for some initial reactions. And it looks like Obama is likely to pursue diplomacy with Hamas, a huge break from precedent that will surely ruffle some Jewish feathers.


Thanks for checking out the blog. I’ll update as frequently as I can, so check in whenever you want. 


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