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The Virtues of Ground Turkey
January 10, 2009, 1:28 pm
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My parents were talking about the virtues and diversity of ground turkey while I was home. I was initially skeptical. But ground Turkey is way better than you think it is. I’m serious. This week, I bought a pack of ground turkey, pictured to the right, and a pack of turkey sausage. Both were incredible. One time, Leigh and I put ground turkey into a stir fry with onions, pepper, and broccoli. It was THE BOMB.COM. No joke. Another time, we put the turkey sausage into pasta with some other veggies. Also great. And last night, I put ground turkey into a mix with black beans, corn, onion, and brown rice. Wowzers.

There are many good forms of lean protein. My former favorite was chicken breast. But with chicken, you always get that gross bite, either cartilage or ligament, that basically ruins chicken for a week. How do you possibly get over that bite in time to finish the meal?

There are other good things you can make with ground turkey. Meat Loaf! Meat balls! Burgers! Chili! The sky is the frickin limit! So kids, if you want to be like Uncle Ben, then go out and get some ground turkey.


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This is a very interesting new direction for this blog. Can it possibly be that Three Steps Forward will be establishing a link to the Food Network? Will Uncle Ben be establishing a link between trends in progressive politics with food consumption patterns? Will “Turkey Stick” replace “Beef Stick”? So many important questions. Such little time!

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