Ben Buchwalter

Friday Brain Dump

I don’t have much to say about much, so I’ll say a little about much. General thought for this week: hearing Obama’s cabinet choices calling torture torture and confirming that science is real highlights the perverse deviance of the opposite opinions.

  • Obama Attorney General choice Eric Holder unequivocally declares that “waterboarding is torture.” Also that “no one is above the law,” even the President and DOJ officials apparently. That’s change we can… you know. BarbinMD of Daily Kos and Todd Beeton of MyDD for more. CIA, on the other hand, still likes torture. 
  • In an interview with the Washington Post, Obama says that he will work to reform Social Security and Medicaid, the long-lasting but endangered loves of the Democratic Party. 
  • I really think that Obama is going to engage in talks with Hamas. He says he will form a team to deal with the Gaza situation on day one and that discussions can’t “be solved in isolation. And we’ve got to be active in all these areas in order for us to be successful in any of these areas.”
  • It looks like the GOP is going to challenge some of Obama’s cabinet picks. Really? At the end of the day, these picks are going to pass. It turns out that no one cares that Geithner screwed up his taxes, the benefits of Holder outweigh his lack of judgment in pardons a decade ago, and Daschle is, well, I don’t really understand what their problem is with him. I’m not saying I’m against solid debate, but hullabaloo for the sake of hullabaloo is tiresome. And we’ve got other things to focus on.
  • I’m getting excited for the innagural address. Did you know it’s during the day? Lamesauce. Hello Obama! Peeps gots to work!
  • Stimulus plan bigger than many expected. Way to go Obams. Rep Bohner (lol) says OMG

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“peeps gots to works.” That’s why you shoulda taken that slingbox dad got at some talk and hooked it up so you coulda watched at work. I think I’ll do just that . Work schmurk. This is history.

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