Ben Buchwalter

Friday Brain Dump

Just wanted to highlight some things I’ve been thinking about.

  • Laurent Nkunda, the leader of the Tutsi rebel army in the Democratic Republic of Congo was arrested last night on the Rwanda-Conto boarder. Nkunda’s stated mission was to protect Tutsis in the region from Hutus who fled from persecution after the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. Though Nkunda has only leveraged control of a few villages in the months of his campaign against the Congolese government, he has spread terror and threatened an already unstable relationship between Rwanda and the Congo. There were even rumors that Nkunda was working with the Rwandan government, a thought that, if true, would throw the region into chaos. Hopefully, the arrest of Nkunda will ease those tensions and restore the peace process in this post-conflict region.
  • Caroline Kennedy drops bid for Hillary’s seat citing tax problems and a housekeeper malfunction. I really haven’t tuned in to the Kennedy saga. But now that it’s over, it all seems weak. And I am not thrilled about Kristen Gillenbrand (a moderate), Governor Patterson’s choice to fill Clinton’s seat. New York State does not necessarily need to elevate a moderate in order to win reelection in 2010. The state is as liberal as they come, so it deserves representatives who match that progressive spirit. (More on the new senators from NY, IL, and DE later this weekend.
  • The media decries the dearth of partisanship among Obama staff and officials. Omg and wtf. Then again, the blogosphere is basking in the change. So if liberal crazies are happy, it would follow that conservative wingnuts wouldn’t be.
  • I wanted to point out an op-ed by Muammar Quaddafi, the leader of Lybia, calling for a one-state solution in the mid-east under the name of Isratine. He’s got some pretty powerful and realistic ideas that call for sacrifices on both sides of the conflict, which is the only way we’ll get anywhere in the peace process.
  • The Maverick (McCain) is back? I guess its easy to have principles when no one is looking to you for leadership. (snap!)

Happy Friday.


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Her husband says the politicians are interfering in a personal matter. Fiduciary Principles

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What about the new Senator from Colorado?

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