Ben Buchwalter

GOP Hijinx!
January 30, 2009, 3:07 pm
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So here’s what has happened so far in the GOP’s quest for a new leader of the Republican National Committee.

  1. The incumbent, Duncan, narrowly wins the first ballot, but does not receive enough votes to clinch.
  2. Duncan and Steele, an African American, tie on the second ballot.
  3. Steele pulls into the lead on the third ballot.
  4. Duncan drops out.
  5. Dawson, who used to belong to a “whites only” country club and received 20 votes in the first ballot compared to Steele’s 46, pulls into the lead with 62 votes.

Odd, to say the least.  I may be reading too much into this, but is it a racial backlash against Steele? Blackwell, the other African American candidate, has dropped out to endorse Steele.

From TPM:

This is now pitting Steele, an African-American conservative who has criticized the GOP for failing to reach out to minority voters, against Dawson — who until recently belonged to an all-white country club, and has said he got involved with politics as a teenager in opposition to busing programs.

RESULTS UPDATE: The GOP averted bigot catastrophe today. But that does not mean the process was not hilarious and embarrassing for the Republican Party. Michael Steele, the African American Lt. Governor from Maryland became the Chairman of the Republican Party on the sixth ballot. This was after a fringe candidate who once belonged to a “whites only” country club – Katon Dawson – gained nearly 50 votes to lead Steele when it looked like he would win. For a while there, it seemed like the old white party was desperately clinging to that standard.

The GOP now must rush through the elections for lower leadership positions to make way for a wedding taking place in the same space later tonight.


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