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Dean Should Replace Daschle
February 3, 2009, 4:23 pm
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As you have undoubtedly seen today (because its everywhere) Tom Daschle has withdrawn his name from consideration to lead the Health and Human Services Department admidst tax controversy. This is an incredibly important position in the Obama administration because the HHS leader will have a large stake in guiding the forthcoming changes in healthcare policy. 

Daschle was a great choice because he is generally considered a legislative wizard. He would have worked with the House and Senate to get a reasonable bill passed without much fanfare. Also, Obama has a history with Daschle. So Obama’s pick to fill the spot is incredibly important. Ezra Klein presents some ideas. So does Matt Cooper.

Though he’s not on the lists, I like the Howard Dean suggestion

The argument for Howard Dean as Secretary of Health and Human Services is quite straightforward. He’s a medical doctor, and has more executive experience than anyone else in Congress or the White House. In his six terms as Governor of Vermont he paid off the state’s public debt, expanded health insurance for children, lowered taxes, signed civil unions into law, and delivered a balanced budget every year. And of course as Chairman of the DNC he implemented the 50-state strategy that gave Obama the foundation for victory. 

Also, he’s a liberal Democrat. And Obama’s Cabinet isn’t exactly overflowing with those. This is a very unlikely choice, but not a bad one.


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I kind of hate myself for liking this choice so much.

Comment by ericnus

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