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Light Blogging this Week…
February 23, 2009, 4:34 pm
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Mostly links. 

See Ezra Klein on Twittering:

So I give: Twittering is the next big thing. It’s the new blogging. It’s like Vampire Weekend combined with Watchmen dusted with affordable hydrogen energy technology. And unlike with blogs, the MSM seems determined to get there first.


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This is new news? Twitter was the next big thing about a year ago. It’s simply going mainstream now.

Comment by cbuckbuchie

I’ve been really interested to see Bloggers resist the twitter wave. This is what Ezra Klein said about a week back: “As a blogger I feel about Twitter the way MSM journos felt about blogs. Could probably get someone to pay good money for an essay on that.”

There’s also this Gawker article.

Anyway, I think that only the most connected were drawn to Twitter about a year ago. But its only REALLY blowing up now as all blogs and news organizations send their information through twitter and more young people start to catch on.

Comment by Ben

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