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Pennsylvania Freakout
May 3, 2009, 2:01 pm
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I just saw on Roll Call that Tom Ridge might challenge Pat Toomey in the 2010 Republican primary. I was pretty surprised to see that because Ridge — a pro-choice moderate — would have the same problem in the GOP primary as Arlen Specter did. And the most recent poll showed Specter fourteen points behind Toomey. But Republicans would be smart to ditch Toomey for Ridge, who would actually have a fighting chance in the general election, whether its against Specter or a real Democrat.

Either way, the Pennsylvania 2010 primaries and general election clusterf**k are going to be fun to watch. In the best case scenario, we’ll have Specter vs. a real Democrat (Sestak, Murphy, Schwartz) on the Dem side and Toomey v. Ridge on the GOP side. Meanwhile, Obama, Biden and Rendell have all said that they will help campaign and raise money for former Republican Specter, and top conservatives have been telling news organizations all week that they would have supported Toomey in the primary because Specter was too liberal for their tastes.

To quote Jeffrey Toobin in response to the announement that David Souter will retire from the Supreme Court, this is like the “nerd superbowl.


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