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Video: 350 Gets Rowdy
January 30, 2010, 2:34 pm
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I’m all for saving the world. In fact, I think we need to do more of it. But the San Francisco 350 Day of Action, a worldwide event meant to influence the global debate on climate change, focused more on novelty than substantive change. I checked it out with some MoJoers and we put together this video to sum it up:



As President Obama announces his directive to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility within a year, a clear sign that torture will not be allowed under his administration, Senate Republicans continue to show support for torture. 

Senator John Cornyn (R TX) has delayed the confirmation hearing of Obama’s Attorney General pick, Eric Holder, because of Holder’s declaration that “waterboarding is torture” and that officials who authorized such torture under the Bush administration could be tried.  

Senate Republicans are also opposing Obama’s environmental choices. Says David Kurtz (emphasis mine):

Think about it for a minute. This is the Republican Party circa 2009: pro-torture and pro-global warming. This is what they’re staking their claims on. And willing to obstruct a wildly popular new President in the midst of not just a national economic crisis, but a convergence of international crises of which economic collapse is just one.

Democrats should take this and run with it and run hard. If the GOP wants to be a remnant party of dead-enders usually found in the backwoods of Idaho, go for it. But Democrats need to remind the American people of this over and over and over again, no matter how self-evident it may seem now.

This is a chance to shape a generation’s perception of the opposition, and I say that fully cognizant of how that power can be used and misused. Dems are riding high now, and its easy at this moment to dismiss the GOP. But they do so at their own peril. The GOP is reeling, on its heels, flailing desperately for how to retain its relevance and political viability. Now is when you seize the advantage and hammer these points home again and again and again.

Even if this is only an effort to provide resistence against something that Obama is trying to accomplish, it seems incredibly short sighted and will only villanize Republicans further.

Somehow, even after everything they have done in the past 8 years, it is shocking to me that the Republican Party would choose to brand itself as the party that condones torture and shuns science.